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Providing documents, document templates, process flows, verifications allow big corporations to securely share information with their staff.  The Identry platform enables multiple different usecases surrounding verifiable credentials with users while still maintaining data protection and tracking necessary for enterprise compliance.

Use cases

Web3... a solution looking for a problem?

Using distributed ledger technology solutions should not be the goal, but should be the enabler and unlocker of the future.  Truly a transitive architecture will make processes seem more like magic and require less resources.

Proof of identity made private

How many times have you been asked to provide an ID or worse a copy of your ID?  Do you know where it goes and how it’s used afterwards? 

The answer is No.  More times then not, it’s sent over email.  more times then not, it’s archived on filesystems and servers that are only as secure as the weakest link.  Requesting organizations are hacked more often and the user’s identity is the first thing that’s targeted. 

Now imagine a world where you store your identity virtually in your wallet which is an app on your phone.  When someone wants to verify who you are, they send you a request.  You received the request and verify you are who you are.  Additionally, depending on the request you can share only certain attributes of yourself when needed (e.g. date of birth, signature, picture, birth place, government identifier).

That world is now.  A Decentralized Wallet for each of your users and a back office that’s easily configurable and scalable for small, medium or large companies to work with.  Credentials and data are encrypted and only stored in each users’ ID Wallet ensuring that only the user can access and decrypt it.  If the backoffice needs the data, a simple process is kicked off requesting it from the user via a notification.

Decentralized credentials and verifications with blockchain

Secure notifications with granularity of control on the data provided

Decentralized Wallet for each of your users

Verify any data without having to store it.

Very few verification solutions consider both sides of the data equation (the requestor and the provider) or even worse they’re not up on the risks of their processes. 

Using the Identry Platform, you can minimize these risks in the easiest way possible in existing processes.  By design it protect the data provider (typically an individual) by allowing them the storage of their documents locally and to authorize the release of their data in real time.  No more centralized infrastructure accessible internally (or hacked externally) with the data.  This greatly reduces the risk of the data requestor who no longer stores the data of the provider, but only receives the confirmation in a safe way. 

Verify and authenticate any user data without having to store it on your systems

Simple back office process flows to verify only the data necessary from the user

Decentralized Wallet for each of your users

Decentralized Wallet for each of your users

In the Web2 world, companies store all their users’ data in centralized servers. In Web3, users manage their own data.

The user’s data is fully encrypted locally within the app using the security of the device (e.g. biometric).  Only after appropriate authentication can the user decrypt and share the necessary data to fulfill the request from the backoffice.  

Users manage their own data and can decrypt it

Decentralized Wallet for each of your users

Backoffice only verifies what it needs, nothing more

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